What is WER?

The World Educational Robot Contest (WER) is one of the largest educational robotics competitions in the world, with the mission to stimulate critical thinking, intellectual development and competitiveness of every primary and secondary school and tertiary student.
With the very first WER held in 2013, WER has now evolved into an international robotics competition attracting 1.5 million contestants from 50 nations.
The challenges, goals and dynamics of WER promote the cognitive and socio-emotional developments of the participating students.



Jake Mendelssohn, a former professor at Trinity College, started the first robotics competition in the world, known as "Global Fire-Fighting Home Robotics Contest" in 1994.
Along with Dr. Yun Weimin, founder of the world’s first educational robot brand, Abilix, the two paired up to found the World Educational Robotics Society (WERS) and WER, with the objective to popularise scientific education with educational robots.
Over the years, WER has attracted more and more participants. The annual World Championship attracts thousands of participants from all over the world.
Prof Jake Mendelssohn

Prof. Jake Mendelssohn

Co-founder of WER & WERS
Chairman of The Connecticut Robotics Society
International Outreach Coordinator of STEMIE
Dr. Yun Weimin

Dr. Yun Weimin

Co-founder of WER & WERS
Founder of Abilix

Development of WER

WER development 1
WER development 2